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ESCASES is your all-in one performance management software.

It puts everything you need exactly where you need it.

The Experience

A Better Experience
For You…

Build case files that are completely customized for employment services.

Track case activities, accounting, scheduling — and everything else you need — in one simple, web-based portal.

The Customer Experience

…and for Your Clients

Keep track of all the relationships between job seekers, employers, and your agency. No more breaks in the conversation.


Give them a seamless experience from end-to-end.

Provide Better outcomes.

Reducing the time spent managing case files means you and your team can focus on providing the personal attention each case deserves.

Easy-to-Use Interface

ESCASES also allows clients to track their goals, plan tasks and activities, schedule appointments, and manage alerts for job openings and events, all from one convenient login.

Fix Your Workflow
When it comes to a Performance Management System for Employment Services agencies, ESCASES is built specifically for you. It allows for easy access to job seeker records, notes, attachments, forms, and employee details to facilitate case flow.

Fill out non-client-facing details for your client profiles, and track items such as indicators of suitability. It also gives you full control over employer profiles using presets geared towards job matching requirements.

Intelligent Job Matching

Intelligent job matching takes care of the busy work so you can work closely with the special needs of each case.

Improved satisfaction from appropriate placements and top talent-matching for every posting means return clients and positive word-of-mouth. It benefits your marketing as much as your case resolutions.


Help more clients.

An approachable solution that gives your clients the ability to take advantage of both your online and in-person resources, with minimal guidance required.

Centralize Your Data
ESCASES centralizes your data, ensuring record consistency across every department.

Any updates to a client’s record are reflected accurately, whether for accounting, training, job searching — your proprietary database outperforms other outdated file management systems that rely on multiple software and hardware setups with little to no communication between them.

Go Paperless
Convert paper records into digital cloud copies, and easily categorize and retrieve them when you need them.

Store client resumes, cover letters, and documents such as scanned credentials, as part of their case files.

Maintain clear audit trails and generate robust reports to improve transparency in real time.

Simple Integration
No costly development or time-consuming integration. Your portal is ready to go when you need it.

Plus, ESCASES features full CAMS integration, and syncs with your Microsoft Calendar!



your information


your paperwork with digital recordkeeping


you to connect with your team and your clients remotely

Stay informed

about your business in real-time

Close cases

efficiently and effectively

Increase transparency

by providing clear audit trails


and personalize customer care


your proprietary and first-party data


digital signatures for quick confirmations


your follow-ups with Email/SMS options

We’re invested in your success.

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Our experienced team is here to help you with every step from onboarding to outreach, and beyond.

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Scalable Solutions

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Easy Integration

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