Job Board

Job Posts that Perform.

The ESCASES Job Board manages your posts, processes, and performance right from the comfort of your existing dashboard.

Streamlined to save you years of time.

Easy to Install

Your new job board
is already ready.

No new tools required.

Your job board comes connected to your client database and ESCASES dashboard. Simply install the widget on your website, and you’re good to go!

Easy to Use

Every task is now
just a touch.

Do everything you need to do, in your user-friendly dashboard. Notify job seekers, employers, and coworkers about updates and opportunities with a click. Create job posts quickly and automate them with ease. And instantly match clients and employers with intelligent job matching!

Easy to Manage

Perfect for your clients, staff — and management, too!

Get key performance metrics that help you outperform. Track the status of applications, including correspondence with clients and employers. See how well job posts are performing with engagement statistics. Identify opportunities and trends with at-a-glance analytics, and more!

Does what you expect. And then some.

You get the same features you’d expect from any job board…


Easily create, manage, and schedule posts


Quickly search, download, and print posts


Accept applications and notify employers from posts

…but here’s where the ESCASES Job Board (and your team) goes that extra mile.

It analyzes post engagement,

with robust, realtime data.

It makes perfect matches,

with intelligent job matching.

It saves you time managing cases,

with seamless integration into your client database

It gives you top prospect lists

for each job post, based on your current clients

It tracks application progress,

from job posting to case closing.

It helps you manage your performance,

with at-a-glance performance metrics.

Get the Job Board that makes your job easier.
Try it for yourself!